Financial Technology Africa WealthTech Weownomy Adopts Bitcoin Cash ABC, newly Rebranded as eCash Coin

Weownomy Adopts Bitcoin Cash ABC, newly Rebranded as eCash Coin

Weownomy is investing $3 Million in BITCOIN ABC as newly rebranded eCash XEC coins, to be issued, to 30,000 Weownomy co-owner

The world is currently in the midst of a technological revolution. Technology has taken over our lives and it’s become difficult to imagine life without the internet, social media, or mobile phones.

The digital age has also created some negative consequences such as cyberbullying and other online dangers. Weownomy aims to make things easier for users by offering them their own personal income social network ( that they can use with eCash cryptocurrency which will be low-fee and globalized.

It’s hard to believe that in this day and age of modern technology there are still billions of people who don’t have access to banking services. This number is even more shocking when you consider how many of these individuals live in countries without internet access.

Weownomy has been looking into adopting new technology as they believe it will allow the company to better serve user owned global platform. They have found that cryptocurrency can help achieve this goal, and they are adopting eCash which is a cryptocurrency designed specifically for social media users globally. Users will not need an account with a bank or credit card company in order to make transactions; they only need their phones and access to the internet.

The founder and CEO of Weownomy Ssemakula Peter Luyima said “The adoption of bitcoin ABC rebranded as eCash is one of the most significant single developments in the history of social media so far. This adoption will mean more than anything else that’s happened before because it gives us a practical way forward, not just an idea or theory but something we can use and put into practice”.

This means that with eCash you can send money instantly without going through a financial institution, your account balance can be stored in almost any type of computer or mobile device.

The Company aims to provide an environment that empowers all people and promote sustainable personal income lives ( on this planet through the Internet. To achieve this goal, we have adopted a new cryptocurrency named eCash which will be used as social media currency for payments in Weownomy platform for both content creators and co-owners who will be paid for using Weownomy Personal Income Social Networking Platform ( As part of our mission to empower everyone who participates.

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